Profit & Loss – Epilogue

I can’t help but get emotionally invested when I write about the things I love, especially when it’s something that a) someone has decided is worth having run at their con, and b) will be shared with people I genuinely love and respect. And, likely, a whole bunch of people I don’t know, but to whom I can now show something special about – in this case – Star Trek.

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Star Trek: Justice & Loss – Character list

I’m writing a Star Trek freeform for the ever excellent Phenomenon roleplaying convention held in Canberra every June long weekend. It’s fun. You should try it.

You can read the blurb for this game on the Pheno site, but being as this is a large, 30-player freeform, it’s always handy to publish a character list so that players can pre-book characters, especially of those players want to know what kind of costume they should aim for.

And for a detailed history of the conflicy, check out this write-up on the excellent Memory Alpha website.

So here we are – the characters on offer for Justice & Loss.

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Why we fight

Watching the sun set in the south of Poland is a beautiful experience. In winter – it’s winter now, as I write – it’s even more lovely. Stark trees, not a hint of green, bereft of the leaves that normally blanket them, and the horizon… It’s something very special. The sun drops, then lingers, teasing; clouds draw over, and bars of orange light, like fire, leap across the landscape. In the west, it’s all empty trees, skeletal and stark, the shape of things, naked, drawn in bold lines by that dying light.

Turn around, and all the world glows orange, lit by that slim bar of fire. It’s… I’ve seen few things like it.

But when you see that rare, natural beauty spread across the grounds of Auschwitz-Birkenau…

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To infinity and… oh, yeah.

Because I am giant glutton for punishment, not only am I endeavouring to write a Star Trek novel, but I’m also writing a Star Trek freeform for an upcoming roleplaying convention.

Because, in the words of Kinky Friedman… “You’ve got to find what you love and let it kill you.”

(also, one day soon, I will likely get a that as a tattoo, because that’s a mission statement I can get behind)

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